The End of the Earth

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

In five billion years, our Sun will begin to destroy itself and will take with it the surrounding planets of the Solar System. This will possibly be the end of the Earth.

Curious to know more? Let’s dive into this topic further.

When the Sun is nearly 9 million years old, it will have reached such a size that it will become unstable. The formidable machine that for so long gave the Earth the benefit of its Energy will be burning its last stores of Hydrogen. The heat at its core will reach 100 million degrees Celsius. Its radiation will become more and more intense. Its light will become redder and our Sun will change into a Red Giant.

It is a stage that the inhabitants of Earth will not likely be present to witness, because the planets of the Solar System that are nearest to the Sun will already have turned into fiery furnaces.

Before this time on Earth, one disaster would have already followed another. The temperature will have gradually risen, polar ice caps melted, deserts expanded and windstorms, tornadoes and cyclones torn through our skies.

With glaciers gone and lakes dried up, first vegetation and then all living things, unable to thrive, will have died out, species by species. Only the most primitive lifeforms and the tardigrades, those that are least dependent on their neighbours and able to withstand heat, radiation and lack of water, will survive for a while.

As for the dying star, it will continue its fatal dilation and will swell so much that the Earth will be swallowed up in its outer layers. Heated to 4000 degrees Celsius, our planet will then be definitely uninhabitable and its surface will revert to the state of fusion and liquidity to experienced at its birth 10 billion years earlier....

But the apocalyptic scenario that we predicted may never happen. Between now and the next 5 billion years, many other changes may take place. For example, and asteroid may strike the Earth or a comet may collide with it. Even if it did not cause the Earth to blow up completely, such events would till have a effect on the biosphere. This would set in motion many deadly disasters.


Bonus: Enough of this fear-filled view. Let's move on to something positive. Technology that we are using today may have evolved to such an extent that we may have left this planet before its death. We may be living on another distant celestial body with joy and happiness and with all the resources that we need. This could be the happy ending of humankind.

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